Ropes Course


The ropes course is an opportunity for guests ages 10 and up to work together and improve communication and problem solving through exciting team challenges! Groups are put through different tasks both on the ground and in the air designed to keep allow for individual and team growth. These challenges are facilitated by seasoned instructors who work hard to ensure your group has a great time and is able to safely expand their boundaries.

Low Ropes Challenge

PRICE: $35.00/PERSON Min number of 15 people

This is a half day of challenging activities that allow participants a chance to better understand and practice the principles of goal setting, problem solving, and teamwork through fun and exciting group challenges. All of our activities are sequenced in a manner which promote the development of self confidence, group trust, and cohesiveness so that your team walks away different!

High Ropes Adventure

PRICE: $35.00/PERSON Min number of 15 people

The high ropes challenge is a half day that is more than an outdoor adventure. Its a chance for groups and individuals to experience growth in a safe environment while stepping outside their comfort zone. The high ropes course features a giant climbing wall, several high tension challenge elements, and a zip line!

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